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Dental Fillings in Richmond, London

Tooth coloured fillings for a great natural look.

At Kew Road Dental we can treat tooth decay and cavities with ‘white’ composite fillings (also known as tooth coloured fillings) where appropriate. We are an amalgam free dental practice and have been for several years.

As always, preventing tooth decay is much better than treating it. We recommend regular check-ups and hygiene appointments in order for you maintain good oral health. Most patients don't realise they need a tooth filling, which is why these regular appointments are so important.

When decay and cavities do occur then tooth coloured fillings are a great option. Most people prefer these to traditional silver fillings as they look more natural and are much less noticeable when you laugh or smile.

If you are suffering pain from a decayed tooth then it may be necessary for your dentist to initially place a temporary filling. It's better to not leave a decayed tooth exposed and the temporary filling acts as a protective barrier whilst you wait for your permanent restoration.

Both white fillings and silver amalgam fillings are considered safe based on the latest scientific evidence. Tooth coloured fillings do have advantages though. As well as being more aesthetically pleasing they also usually require less removal of healthy tooth structure.

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