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Impacting wisdom teeth, overcrowding or infection

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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Richmond

The safe removal of damaged teeth

Your teeth are extremely important to us and we always aim to preserve and maintain them for as long as possible. However, teeth can become decayed or broken for a variety of reasons and their removal may sometimes be required in order to prevent further problems from developing.

Our highly experienced wisdom tooth extraction team near you is led by our principal dentist Andrew Stevenson (GDC No. 74427) who has over 23 years extensive dentistry experience.

At Kew Road Dental we always talk you through all the options available that could save the tooth before considering an extraction. If an extraction is the only treatment available then we will detail a plan to replace the missing tooth where appropriate.

Extractions are most commonly required for the following reasons:

 WISDOM TEETH REMOVAL - A wisdom tooth can become impacted if there isn’t enough space for it to grow at the back of your mouth naturally. This can cause pain, swelling and infection resulting in the removal of the affected tooth being required.

 OVERCROWDING - We sometimes extract teeth to prepare your mouth for orthodontic work. The aim of Orthodontics is to align your teeth and sometimes a tooth may need to be extracted (usually a premolar tooth) to allow the others to be moved into a better position.

 INFECTION - If a tooth has a large cavity, or has received trauma from an accident, the nerve inside can 'die' or become necrotic. Removing the tooth can be the only course of treatment left available in instances such as this. The dentist will talk you through your options for a more permanent replacement, such as an implant.

Tooth extraction prices

To help keep this treatment as affordable as possible we ensure our prices are extremely competitive compared to other experienced tooth extraction dentists near us in Richmond.

Extractions                                                                              from £180

Surgical Extractions                                                                from £250

Wisdom Teeth Extractions (lower teeth)                              from £350

Wisdom Teeth Extractions (upper teeth)                             from £250


The recovery time after an extraction depends on the tooth that has had to be removed, as well as how complicated the extraction was and your overall health. It is very important to rest during the healing process.

Exertion from regular activity can disturb the clot that is forming and slow the healing time. We'll provide you with specific aftercare instructions.

Please ensure that you follow these instructions as it will give your recovery the best possible outcome. Sometimes you may need to be prescribed medication for pain, swelling or infection.

It is important that you take these medications as directed. You'll also need to rinse your mouth with saline water during the first 24 hours.

While swelling normally goes down in around forty eight hours, it can sometimes take weeks for the healing process to complete fully. Bear in mind that it's not just the wound that needs to heal, your gums and the bone are healing too.

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