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Invisalign® in Richmond, London

Straighten your teeth with virtually undetectable clear braces by Invisalign®.

At Kew Road Dental, we are proud to offer a state of the art tooth straightening treatment using Invisalign® clear aligners. This is an advanced solution for both teenagers and adults to align crooked teeth with braces that are almost invisible when you talk or smile.

Invisalign® is often referred to as invisible braces. They use clear plastic aligners which gently move your teeth into the correct position. As well as being virtually undetectable, Invisalign® braces are removable, enabling you to take them out when you eat, drink or clean your teeth. This makes them very popular for patients who are conscious about wearing fixed braces for a long time.

Do I need to see an Orthodontist?

Invisalign® braces can simply be provided by our dentist in Richmond. If you have crooked teeth, overcrowded teeth, over bites, under bites and cross bites our dentist at Kew Road Dental will examine your smile first to make sure your misalignments are eligible for the Invisalign treatment. Once your initial consultation has confirmed Invisalign® can work for your desired smile, we will discuss the whole process with you including costs, before taking photos, X-rays and digital scans of your teeth.

What is involved in the Invisalign® process?

Invisalign® involves creating a series of custom-made clear braces specifically for your case. Approximately every six to eight weeks a new brace will be fitted applying the necessary pressure to ease your teeth into the desired position. Each case is different, so the number of braces may vary as well as the length of time treatment will be required for. Your invisible braces can be removed so you can eat and brush your teeth but our dentist will advise you to wear them at least 22 hours each day.

Is Invisalign® successful?

Invisalign® boast thousands of positive reviews but success is determined by the professional diagnosis and treatment plan, the cooperation of the patient to wear the clear braces as much as possible and how the patient’s teeth respond to the treatment. Your teeth will be assessed at each stage and at the end of your treatment plan, retainers will be provided to help you maintain your new smile.

What makes Invisalign® different from traditional braces?

They are a more comfortable and less intrusive way of straightening your teeth. Traditional braces have visible brackets and wires whilst Invisalign is extremely discreet and virtually impossible to see. This helps patients who are conscious about wearing fixed braces with the confidence to smile and socialise normally.

Certain foods do not have to be avoided as Invisalign® braces can be removed at anytime enabling patients to clean, brush and floss whenever they need to.

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