Dental Implants In Richmond

Dental Implants are a safe and effective solution for loose and missing teeth. We provide a range of dental implants in Richmond to suit both the required treatment and your pocket.

Single Implants

Single implants are where we replace a single missing tooth. Firstly we place the implant which replaces your natural tooth root with the implant its self. Either immediately or after a period of time we place the crown which replaces your natural tooth.

It is either screwed or cemented onto the implant to permanently keep it in place. This is probably our most popular procedure regards dental implants in Richmond.

Fixed Multiple Dental Implants

As you might expect we also offer multiple dental implants in Richmond. The main difference is that we usually have a period of healing after placing the implant.

After the healing period we fit the crown as with the single implant. We do this without disturbing the teeth which are already in place.

What are the benefits of Dental Implants in Richmond?

Implants are anchored directly into your jaw, your other teeth need not be used as in the case of the bridge. Dental implants in Richmond are the most natural solutions to tooth loss, both aesthetically and functionally. The implant fits harmoniously into the dental arch and are not only fixed as securely as natural teeth, but cannot be distinguished from your real teeth in either function or appearance.

How Reliable are Dental Implants in Richmond?

The answer to this is very. The treatment has a 96% success rate in a healthy person. With routine check-ups and the following of home care instructions, they should last a lifetime.

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